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Zoho vs Google Workspace

Google Workspace and Zoho are both business productivity suites, each coming with utility features that help with business productivity. While both of these tools are integral part of the business environment today, Google Workspace comes with an extensive set of productivity tools with cloud support. Apart from offering popular tools like Gmail, sheets, docs, Meet, and Drive, Google Workspace also comes with robust set of security features along with a real-time collaboration option.

Zoho Workplace, on the other hand, also promises to offer seamless integration and a better efficiency rate when managing modern-day workplaces. Although it offers a similar set of productivity tools to handle documents, collaborate with groups, and manage emails, Google Workspace ensures better scalability and efficiency when handling business needs.

Zoho offers a unified platform but on the other hand, Google Workspace comes with a more feature-rich environment that makes it an instant favorite among the users. However, each comes with its own set of features and benefits. Gmail is a more secure and user-friendly email offering better flexibility than Zoho mail. We have interviewed a lot of users who have nodded their votes toward Gmail as a more user-friendly and secure mailing platform.

Comparing Key Features of Zoho Workplace and Google Workspace:

Feature Zoho Workplace Google Workspace
Email Zoho Mail – ad-free, customizable email with 25MB attachment limit Gmail – powerful email with 30MB attachment limit, robust search, and organization features
Calendar Zoho Calendar – create and manage events, schedule meetings, share calendars Google Calendar – seamless integration with Gmail, scheduling, and sharing features
Documents Zoho Writer – web-based word processor with real-time collaboration Google Docs – robust document creation and editing with wide range of add-ons
Spreadsheets Zoho Sheet – cloud-based spreadsheet tool Google Sheets – advanced spreadsheet capabilities, better Excel compatibility
Presentations Zoho Show – presentation creation tool Google Slides – extensive template library, easy sharing and publishing
Video Conferencing Zoho Meeting – video conferencing with up to 150 participants Google Meet – integrates with Google Calendar, supports larger meetings
Cloud Storage Zoho WorkDrive – generous storage plans Google Drive – seamless integration across Google Workspace, robust file sharing
Integrations Moderate integrations with Zoho’s own ecosystem Extensive integrations with Google’s ecosystem and 3rd party apps
Security & Compliance Strong security features like encryption, malware detection, etc. Comprehensive security and compliance features like GDPR, HIPAA, etc.
Pricing Starts at $3/user/month Starts at $6/user/month


Zoho vs Google Workspace

When we speak of CRM suites, Google Workspace and Zoho Workplace are frontrunners. They include a similar set of features for sending emails, drafting documents, organizing meeting, and making presentations. Although each of these suites emphasizes strongly on data privacy and security, Google Workspace promises greater productivity with its compact design and ability to manage different tasks with greater ease.

The interface of Zoho comes with limited scopes to explore compared to Google Workspace where you have the option to access all the productivity tools for managing different tasks. At the same time, Google Workspace can be seamlessly integrated with different 3rd-party apps. Additionally, it comes with advanced search and filtering options. Considering such user-friendliness and responsive support, Google Workspace leads the show and remains a more popular option among the users.

How Google differs from Zoho in terms of productivity

Google Workspace comes bundled with high-productivity tools like Sheets, Photos, Slides, Docs, Meet, and Mail. Although Zoho offers a similar set of features, there are issues with performance in some of the tools like Zoho Connect. With Zoho Connect you can organize video conferences, similar to Google Meet. But Google Meet provides a flawless experience compared to Zoho Connect, which ultimately benefits that you can try some of the most effective productivity tools like Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Google Photos. It also comes with Google Meet, the tool that offers a seamless video conferencing option. Even I have found these features more effective compared to Zoho’s offerings. I have noticed some lags with the Zoho Connect video conferencing app but with Google Meet, the experience was smooth.

Better storage option with Google Workspace

Google Workspace pricing and plans in India come with flexible storage options catering to individual business needs. Whereas, when you consider Zoho Workplace, the limitation in storage space certainly plays a spoilsport. The flexibility in choosing a storage option based on your business requirement is missing in Zoho. On the other hand, Google Workspace provides a transparent and flexible approach to ensure better consistency and data management.

App integration process

Both of these CRMs offer good syncing capability with other apps. However, Google Workspace offers better syncing ability with apps within the suite and those from outside. This smooth integration with 3rd party apps makes Google Workspace steal the show in terms of user-friendliness and flexibility. Zoho also smoothly integrates with Google Calendar and some tools. However we have noticed some compatibility issues with certain apps that work smoothly with Google Workspace.

Superior cloud storage with workspace

When it comes to cloud storage options, Google Workspace simply leads the race by miles ahead. The best thing about Google Workspace is its robust file-sharing capability which is lagging in Zoho WorkDrive. Cloud storage from Google offers users flexible data management options to make a pick as per their requirements and business needs.

Data protection measures

Both these CRMs come with 2FA and encryption options. Having said that Google Workspace offers superior level data encryption in transit as well at rest for different types of file storage. With recent updates in its security and privacy policies, Google Workspace promises better safety and protection for data compared to Zoho.

The cost structure

Google Workspace comes with a tired pricing policy that users can choose as per their business requirements. With so many features and tools available under Google Workspace CRM, this type of tiered pricing scheme allows customers to customize the plans to meet their budget. Zoho, on the other hand, comes with different plans to meet the requirements of clients. These plans are usually user-friendly but cannot be customized accordingly.

Enhanced technical support

Google Workspace offers 24/7 technical support options that comprises phone, email, and live chat support. When we speak of Zoho customer support, there is a self-servicing ticket system that fails to deliver instant results. Although Zoho comes with an extensive knowledgebase, Google Workspace does excel in terms of instant query-resolving options.


Google Workspace focuses on flexibility and superior level support that makes  it a better CMS  compared to Zoho. Google Workspace even offers offline access to documents for accessing and editing that Zoho doesn’t offer. All these and more makes Google Workspace a better tool to consider compared to Zoho. Amyntas Media works offers the best Google Workspace pricing and Plans in India.