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Top 5 Services Offered by Google Workspace for Business Starters

Google Workspace Business Starters

Google Workspace for Business Starters

The concept of remote working has proved to be beneficial with serious cost-cutting and exploring better way towards growth. However, businesses are also facing new challenges when it comes to managing employees remotely and hence the demand for employee management tools have gone sky high. The introduction of Google Workspace services promises better work productivity for remote working environment through offering smart solutions.

Google Workspace, formerly G Suite, comes with a wide range of cloud apps to serve businesses of different sizes. It comes with support services for every employee, remote or onsite that meets the requirements of the business.  Here are the top 5 services that Google Workspace business starter offers:

1.      A new and improvised emailing experience

Google Workspace comes with a more improvised version of Gmail, including all the basic features like email snoozing, message scheduling, spam blocking plus a lot more. Workspace offers you the option to customize the emails as per your choice to match the domain, creating a more professional outlook. Gmail is integrated smartly with other apps under the Google Workspace and can be accessible straight from the chat feature in the email.

2.      Smart compose and smart reply

Workspace gives a boost in work productivity with the AI-enabled Smart Compose and Smart Reply feature. Using these features, Gmail can automate the email reply process using appropriate words and phrases. Additionally, it can even check your grammar with suggestion on phrases for faster completion of the sentences. Drafting your Gmail becomes a lot easier with Workspace.

3.      Organize your events with Google Calendar

With Google Calendar, you can easily schedule a meeting and invite the participants with a click of the mouse. Google Workspace uses the calendar feature efficiently, taking the responsibility to automatically send meeting links and invitation to the participants. Workspace promises seamless integration, ensuring businesses to perform better and making an organized effort in handling employee schedules.

4.      The new Meet makes video conferencing better

With the introduction of Google Meet, businesses can accommodate bigger groups for video conferencing, especially for remote-working employees. The new version of Meet for Google Workspace comes with an intuitive interface, promises enhanced security, and easy to operate. During video meetings, you can easily share your screen for presentation. If you have an unstable connection, Meet also comes with dial-in phone connectivity option.

5.      Vault for file accessibility

The Vault service is a new added service within the Google Workspace. Presently, it is the place for archives where all the files under Google Workspace are stored. The Vault feature gives users the option to determine the accessibility rights for each file, the storage time limit for these files, With Vault, admins can determine who can access which files, how long files can be stored, and configure other policies to match your company’s requirements. At the same time, Vault feature can also create audit reports while letting uses export data in different formats.

Google Workspace Business Starter Plans

Google Workspace comes with 4 different plans: Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, and Business Enterprise. The Google Workspace Business Starter plan comes with several productivity apps like secured video conferencing, online document editing, professional email, shared calendars, and a lot more. It offers 30 GB of storage space for a user and has been designed perfectly to cater to small organizations. A maximum of 100 participants can take part in the Google Meet. This starter plan also comes with customizable email address and security compliance tools along with other office apps that can prove to be effective in handling business functions.