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Wix Website Builder Vs Godaddy Website builder

Looking for Wix Website Builder Vs Godaddy Website builder? better choice for your business. When we talk about the best website builders, both Wix and GoDaddy are positioned at the top of the list. Naturally, comparisons between these two popular website builders are necessary to see who wins the race. Each of them comes with some specific functional aspects to meet the industry requirements, ranging from startups to mid and top-tier clients.


GoDaddy is an ideal website builder that caters to beginners as well as large-scale industries. With GoDaddy, you can quickly set up your business site. Using GoDaddy, you can create a better online presence of your business with smooth and fast advertising campaigns. Unlike Wix which takes quite a bit of time to get your website ready and running, GoDaddy comes with a simplified builder to make your website internet-ready within an hour’s time. Choose wisely between Wix Website Builder Vs Godaddy Website builder.

On the other hand, Wix is a feature-rich website builder. It boasts a wide range of features that may cater to expert users; but as a newcomer or small business client, you may just find it a bit confusing to plan a start. The complex structure of Wix allows GoDaddy to take a stride forward and make it more popular among users.

Speaking about customization options, GoDaddy is relatively easy to manage. Although Wix comes with more range of templates and customization options, GoDaddy has come a long way and presently offers more user-friendly customization options for designing a website.

The pricing structure

Amyntas Media Works GoDaddy plans offer a more flexible pricing model compared to Wix. Whether you want basic website development or advanced hosting services, GoDaddy plans include domain name and hosting as well.  Pricing may increase if you opt for a dedicated or virtual private server. On the other hand, Wix website development plans include domain names only for the first year. When you renew, you have to pay separately for the domain.

Considering both these two options, GoDaddy offers a more affordable pricing option to self-host a WordPress website without paying separately for domain names. While GoDaddy plans start at a mere $9/m (includes domain name), the lowest Wix plans come for $17/m (domain name cost extra). This clearly suggests that GoDaddy provides you with a better return for money.

Final Verdict

My vote certainly goes towards GoDaddy due to its affordable plans domain inclusion, and easy website-building options for startups. It offers you the option to choose between general self-hosting or fully managed WordPress hosting.  With GoDaddy, you achieve better flexibility and control for website management, all for a fraction of the cost compared to Wix. Contact us for Website Development Services in India.