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Google Cloud is a unique platform that helps businesses become more innovative, agile, and faster. Google Cloud Platform is the most efficient platform that executes on the same Google infrastructure used for other end-user products and services.

There are a variety of cloud computing services and solutions that help users more securely and effectively store and utilize their data. Amyntas offers a wide range of high-quality cloud-based solutions and services that can help companies increase their digital transformation, make their businesses stand out in the competition, and leverage the power of large-scale data centers to reach users globally.


We got your back

Google Cloud provides a wide variety of tools, services, and benefits that help in the growth and innovation of an organization. At Amyntas, we can help a business with the following Google Cloud benefits.


We offer the highest security solutions, including data encryption, security consulting, and intrusion detection systems, with our Google Cloud Platform services.


We offer scalable solutions, protect data, and help businesses with fluctuating demand efficiently add or remove resources according to their needs.


Our Google Cloud services are very cost-effective, and we allow different pricing options to meet everyone's budget.


Google Cloud is highly flexible as it can perform numerous workloads; a business can quickly develop an application, host a website, or store data.


We offer the latest security, convenience, and most innovative technologies in cloud solutions, so our clients can get the latest and greatest technology.


Amyntas ensures businesses of all sizes get the most reliable services and security solutions.

Google Cloud Platform features

Google Cloud Platform allows for an extensive range; you can avail of the following features with its tools and services.

Better security

Google Cloud Platform provides robust security solutions such as intrusion detection, data encryption, and access control.

Global presence

You can reach your users worldwide with your data, which will help improve your business performance and decrease latency.

Better collaboration

It allows efficient collaboration between team members, as you can easily share folders and files with others in real time.

Container native solutions

Cloud's Kubernetes Engines make it effortless for businesses to manage and publish containerized apps by offering scalable, high-availability, and secure application surroundings.

Serverless technology

It allows various serverless services which help manage and schedule data. Businesses do not have to worry about server management; they have to only pay for their services.

Competitive prices

Google Cloud Platform offers different pricing options for businesses to fit their budget.

Google Cloud Platform credit

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offered by Google is a suite of cloud computing services offering App Engine, Big data analysis, Cloud rendering / Media solution and Web Hosting Services.
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What do we include in our Google Cloud platform services

At Amyntas, we offer the most potent and versatile Google Cloud services and solutions to help businesses of all sizes increase their performance and growth. Some of the cloud services we offer are:


Cloud Migration

We provide an extensive range of GCP services, including cloud migration, which helps in migrating your workload, assessing the current environment, executing the migration, and planning for migration.



Amyntas offers the best cloud consultation services to help clients plan, manage, deploy, develop, and secure their applications.


Managed Services

Our managed services help manage applications, infrastructure, costs, security, and the Google Cloud Platform environment for seamless business performance.

Why choose us?

Amyntas has expertise and experience in this field, making us a leading Google Cloud Platform service and solutions provider. We aim to allow a broad range of quality services at reasonable prices for the betterment of our clients. From big data, computing, storage, machine learning, networking, and artificial intelligence to robust security features, we have all cloud resources to help you fulfill your business needs. Our dedicated team of developers ensures each client's needs and offers top-notch solutions to achieve their goals.

  • We have 10+ years of experience in IT and cloud solutions.

  • We use the most innovative and remarkable cloud technologiess.

  • A team of dedicated professionals.

  • Expertise in cloud security.

  • 24X7 Customer Support.

  • Alliances + Experience of Cloud Integrated Technologies.

  • Google Cloud Expertises in SMB.

  • 90% of Support tickets responded in 10 Minutes and were resolved in 90 minutes.


Google Cloud

Google Cloud is a computing platform that allows numerous solutions and services like networking, storage, computing, Big Data, machine learning, application development, etc.

Cloud services are highly reliable, scalable, secure, flexible, and innovative, so your online business can run smoothly with all their advanced features.

Google Cloud Platform provides an array of management tools vital for a business that wants to create and run an application to reach its target audience and stay ahead of its competitors.