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Voice Services

Voice Services

Voice application for your business needs offered to you as SaaS. Be it Inbound or out bound voice based application we will have it tailored as per your requirements

 OBD Platform :

Industry proven platform based on asterisk and free switch all open source components, Out Bound Dialing is still the most effective way to reach out to the users even today with 100% reachability. AMW can provide platform as a solution with complete CRM to manage it end to end. Added custom analytikes lets user to have an edge over their campaign and its effectiveness.

  • Survey CRM
  • Key Press Verification
  • Live Transfer and Forwarding
  • Complete Scheduling Control
  • Customised Audio Delivery

  IVR Platform :

White labeled complex IVR can be developed over asterisk or industry standard VXML to be implemented for Telco and enterprise solution.

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Chatbots
  • Multilingual support
  • Omni channel support
  • Callback integration
  • Visual IVR
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • SIP Connectivity

 IVR Conferencing :

IVR conferencing bridge can be created between two callers. IVR to OBD and vice versa. Best use case scenario is customer care solution, Voice blogging, Live chat etc. Can be implemented over diverse platform of VXML and asterisk.

  • Dial-In Conference
  • Concurrent Conference
  • Moderator Mode Conference
  • Call Recording
  • Web Management

  Missed Call Solution :

Missed call solutions help in speedy acquisition of customers and customer detail in real time. Every missed call received is a prospective customer. This solution can be used to generate leads and create reminders for a task.

  • Web Based Panel
  • Live Report
  • Cloud Based

 Click To Call :

Embed Cloud Calling widget into your website or mobile app and Start talking with your customers using click-to-call software

  • Vanity Number
  • Toll free Number
  • Call History
  • Call Queues
  • VIP/Black-list Call Routing
  • Call Recording
  • Voicemail & Transcription

 Voice OTP :

Voice call based OTP is a two factor verification tool that authenticate and allows businesses to facilitate API based OTP generation for its potential clients. Our premium and trusted notification solution ensures 100% delivery of sensitive and critical information on any mobile number.

  • OTP retrieve call in function
  • OTP time out configurable

 Call Center :

 Inbound call Center Solutions allow  agents to set their availability status from available to “”not available”” or “”on break”” – with the click of a button. Calls are routed to free agents who are available to take calls. This solution can be implemented for any business process with CRM. API for CRM needs to be exposed.

  • Predictive Dialer
  • CRM
  • Intelligent Call Transfers

 Alert Solution :

Automatic Voice Dialer alert solution for passive infrastructure of telecom – The primary expectations from AVD application is to send alarm notifications to field engineer and others in escalation matrix, via  hosted cloud deployment. The purpose is to help solution provider with:

  • Reduce Delay in Voice Escalation of Alarm
  • To make called field engineers more accountable for action
  • Can be clubbed with sms and whatsapp for alerts

 Text to speech integration ready

AVD solution for telcos for domain monitoring – similar service as above but the solution is for telco internal domain monitoring like BSS, BSS INFRA, NSS, STP, PKC, CEN, MDWDM, CORE, VoLTE for fault generation and ticket closure with closed loop.

 Text To Speech :

We can enable any IVR engine with colloquial text to speech engine. We have currently tested 10 indian languages successfully. Input for all languages has to be roman English.

  • Latest speech technology and more voices
  • Offline TTS / ASR solutions for IVR
  • Local Indian Accent Support
  • Audio Conversion in Real-time

 Virtual Mobile Number :

Virtual Number for configurable keyword reception(MO) and call for action SMS(MT). Platform allows dashboard to view and download real time data.

  • Configurable Keywords
  • Configurable Responses
  • Configurable SMS API