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Bulk SMS Solution

Bulk SMS Solution

Reach your target audience with cost-effective bulk SMS services

Increase customer satisfaction and your sales with high-quality bulk SMS services. Amyntas is a leading bulk SMS platform that provides excellent SMS campaigns, OTP SMS, transactional SMS, and more.

What is a bulk SMS service?

Bulk SMS services allow organizations and businesses to send and receive many SMS messages. The main purpose of sending messages to large audiences is marketing, promotion, and communication. Generally, businesses use a software program or integrate an SMS API with their system to access bulk SMS services. At Amyntas, we help small and large businesses leverage cost-effective solutions for managing communications with their customers and clients. 

The use of bulk SMS services in business

Bulk SMS services are popular among various kinds of businesses. It has a high ROI as it helps businesses easily reach their target audience. It is a cost-effective way to improve engagement and drive sales. Businesses can also personalize the message according to the target audience. This service also helps businesses maintain a positive reputation.

We, Amyntas are the bulk SMS service provider in Gurgaon. We offer various bulk SMS services that help you enjoy various benefits. We offer instant delivery of your text message to help customers get alerts and notifications instantly. Experience increased customer engagement and sales as our team ensures your SMS has a higher response rate.


Our SMS features

You can get more benefits from our bulk SMS services. Some of the features of our services are listed below:

  • Schedule SMS

We allow users to schedule their text SMS messages for future dates and times. You can schedule time for your text messages to be sent up to an upcoming year.

  • SMS from Excel

You can directly integrate our SMS Excel plugin with your Microsoft Excel sheet containing information about your customers. With this feature, you can quickly send different SMS to different mobile numbers.

  • Time restriction

Usually, businesses send promotional SMS like offers and promotions between 9 am to 9 pm. We offer a time restriction feature to protect customers from receiving unwanted messages during inconvenient hours.

  • User-friendly SMS portal

Our simple SMS portal allows our users to send SMS in no time. Also, you don’t require technical skills to use our SMS portal.

  • Delivery Report

Our users get dynamic delivery reports that help them know the status of their SMS messages.


Our bulk SMS services

Take a look at our bulk SMS solutions and choose our services based on your business requirements, including:

  • Promotional SMS

Generate awareness and notify about your live sale using our promotional SMS service to the target customer instantly. You can increase brand awareness and create loyalty.


For the verification process, we provide OTP messages within 8 seconds after your customer finishes their action. We ensure fast and secure OTP services to maintain your reputation.

  • International SMS

We offer reliable delivery of messages worldwide to ensure your message reaches your intended recipients. Reach customers around the world with our international SMS service.

  • Shortcode SMS

Create a customized, easy-to-remember shortcode for your SMS campaigns. This SMS service helps you improve your engagement and conversion rates.

  • Transactional SMS

This essential SMS service helps you send time-sensitive messages to your specific audience. We also provide a robust SMS gateway to help businesses to deliver messages efficiently and quickly.

  • SMPP connectivity

Our secure and reliable SMPP connectivity assures instant delivery of SMS messages. This service lets businesses directly access our SMS gateway for sending high-volume messages.


How to send SMS with Amyntas

Follow this process to access our SMS services, including:

  • Create an account

Create your account on our SMS platform and start sending messages instantly.

  • Login

We provide a simple and quick login process.

  • Integration & API

Create your app or integrate API with your existing software or app seamlessly.

  • Choose your plan

You can find affordable rates for our SMS services and support.

  • Customer support

We also provide a dedicated support team that answers all your queries instantly. 

Why choose us?

Amyntas is a leading bulk SMS service provider in India who can guide you in creating cost-effective SMS campaigns to promote your brand. We use fast & quality connections to mobile networks to provide the fastest deliverability of your SMS. Choose from our affordable pricing of bulk SMS services to promote your brand. Check our other IT services and technology solutions that aid in your business.